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Welcome to the textile industry of Hong Kong section of our website.  In this area we present information regarding the textile sector in Hong Kong and China.  You can use this area to learn more about fabric mills, textile associations, textile schools and more.

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Tax - textiles : Textiles include any natural or artificial fibre products and any combination of natural and artificial fibre products in the form of yarn, fabrics, garments or other manufactured articles. Under the Import and Export (General) Regulations, Chapter 60A, Laws of Hong Kong, importers of textiles from the Mainland of China should cover their textiles imports by import licences issued by the Trade and Industry Department prior to the actual arrival of the consignment, unless they have been registered under the Textiles Trader Registration Scheme. For details, please visit the website of Trade and Industry Department. Exemption from licensing requirements in respect of textiles which fall within the scope of the Scheme will be given subject to their compliance with a set of conditions. They may lodge to the Trade and Industry Department, via carriers, notifications completed by themselves setting out particulars of the import consignment, in lieu of applying for import licences to cover their textiles imports.

Hong Kong Institure of Textiles and Apparel / HKITA  The Hong Kong textile and apparel Industry has been and will not stop undergoing rapid changes and facing new challenges which include technological advancements, environmental consciousness, changing social requirements, shortened supply chain, escalating cost, scarce resources etc.  In order to make our industry more sustainable, practitioners have to acquire solid fundamental knowledge while continuously striving for innovative technologies and ideas. As the only professional body of this industry in Hong Kong, HKITA is committed to play a key role to enhance the professionalism of all their members and to maintain Hong Kong's position as a world leader in this ever evolving industry.

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Textile Council of Hong Kong : The Council, as a body representing all major textile associations, acts as a voice for the textile industry on matters that affect the industry. Such matters mainly concern with commercial policies affecting Hong Kong's textiles exports such as quotas and anti- dumping actions, Hong Kong's textile export controls system, the employment ordinance, environmental rules and regulations, taxation and tariff etc. It also undertakes by itself or jointly with other organizations study missions, projects, seminars and other activities.  Textile Council of Hong Kong comprises ten major textiles associations and is a non-profit making organization. It represents the entire Hong Kong textile industry whose business activities range from spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, garment making and the manufacture of textile goods.  The Council, incorporated on 22nd July 1988, was officially inaugurated on 12th December 1989. Its main objective is to promote and foster the interests of the textile industry of Hong Kong as a whole.  Associations and organizations whose members are mainly manufacturers in the textile industry in Hong Kong may become Full Members. Firms and corporations the business of which is the manufacturing of textile products in Hong Kong may join the Council as Associate Members. The Council's affairs are managed by a General Committee consisting of representatives of Full Members and Associate Members.

Textile Society of Hong Kong : Textiles add colour, texture and pattern to our surroundings. They stimulate a range of responses and sensations; textiles comfort, provide a sense of ceremony, denote status, and can be a reflection of religious beliefs and community traditions and values.  An international network, focused mainly on the Asian region, has been established by the Society. Its primary function is to provide contacts in other countries and so bring those interested in textiles closer together.  Regular meetings feature speakers presenting a various range of textile topics and members also have opportunities to share their collections with other members. Textile tours offered to members in the past have included trips to various regions of China, Thailand, Laos, Bali, and Cambodia. The Society has provided funding for scholars to attend international textile conferences.  The Textile Society of Hong Kong was formed in December, 1993 and has presented a major international conference, "Chinese Textiles: Technique, Design and Patterns of Use" sponsored by Spink and Son Ltd, London.  Through a quarterly newsletter, members are introduced to our speakers, regional and international conferences and exhibitions, textile publications and reports on textile related activities. Membership includes new editions of our publication, Guide to Asian Textile Collections, a register of close to 200 museums with details of their Asian collections, plus listings of Asian textile dealers.

Trade and Industry Department - Hong Kong Textiles / Textiles Trader Registration Scheme (TTRS)

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